"Self-Defense is Nature's Eldest Law." -John Dryden

Self-defense is a complex and multivariate subject, with realities that reach far beyond the physical. Starting with pre-incident conditions and actions, and proceeding all the way to the post-incident aftermath, the consequences of a violent encounter manifest on a physical, legal, and moral level. These consequences can (and most often do) have lasting and sometimes permanent affect on the lives of those involved.

At Achromatic our goal is to give students the knowledge and tools to both avoid dangerous encounters, and to survive them: physically, morally, and legally.

Personal safety enhances our ability to openly engage with the world. It deepens our experience, and gives us tools to maneuver and confront the uncertainties of life. Education and training are the foundations that allow us to effectively navigate those roads through uncertainty in order to fully explore life’s potential. Achromatic LLC offers comprehensive instruction covering the vital knowledge and skill sets required for effective self-defense.

“Self-defense is not just a set of techniques, it’s a state of mind. And it begins with the idea that you are worth defending.” -Rorian Gracie