Quitting (Un)Social Media

Since its inception I was never much for social media. It just seemed to be constructed in a way and for a purpose that wasn’t in people’s best interest. Now a decade later we’re truly seeing the hard data to support that fact. It’s become painfully obvious that social media is designed to use you for the gains of the companies that own and manage the various platforms. We also now know the extent to which those companies deliberately manipulate your feelings and worldview in order to maintain that advantage. Our local and global culture is feeling the very real negative impact to health and well-being. Many people feel that they can minimize these consequences by being aware and keeping those affects in check. Generally I’d agree. However, the very nature of social media’s construction leverages so many of the fundamental and subconscious human processes that no amount of consciousness attention could filter all of those negative affects out.

For this and so many more reasons I’ve decided to extend my social media abstention in perpetuity. I still have the basic FB and IG accounts as is necessary if you have a business. I will periodically check these outlets for messages, but beyond that I will cease posting or interacting in any way via those platforms. I just can’t participate in feeding the beast anymore. The personal consequences are greater than most people want to realize. This isn’t a slight to anyone who uses or enjoys social media, it’s just my reasoning.

So in the future, should anyone need to contact me, I can always be found via this site. As well, all posts that would have normally been on a social media outlet will now find their way here to the Blog Cabin.